Tuesday, December 08, 2009

KFC: Pushing the Envelope

Notice that there is no bread on this. Sandwich? We say no.


Anonymous said...

I've been torn on this issue for weeks.

Here's why it *could* be a sando.

1. Its 'fillings' are contained within two 'bookends'.
2. The chicken itself is 'breaded'
3. If 'bread' is a requirement for a sando, you need to define what 'bread' is acceptable.
4. It's primarly consumed with your hands.

IMO This revolutionary food item may meet a loose definition of a sando.

This is a game changer.

JPev said...

Apologies for my late response, but I have been overcome with awe ever since peering into the otherness that is the doubledown "food" item. And, after considering this comment for roughly 4.5 years, I must admit it had not registered with me that the chicken itself is breaded, as you so astutely mentioned. I do, however, doubt that this could be eaten cleanly with ones hands. Notice the paper in which this meal is served. Definitely a game changers, though. We might have to revise the manifesto to take into considerations anomalies such as this.