Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Breaking News: Stromboli NOT a Sandwich

ERM's post this morning:

a stromboli is NOT A sandwich.
more to come later.
now it is 7 in the morning and i am still studying for midterms. BUT this Mrs. Walt Jocketty whole-heartedly disagrees (Justin w.t.f...i thought we discussed this, and maybe the overly loose Chicago-ites have swayed you on the subject?)

A SANDWICH must be assembled from completely cooked/ baked ingredients prior to dough involved in the process post-assembly. if this is not true then EVERYTHING IS practically a sandwich...which is obviously untrue. this is the major critique of the Manifesto made by those classical sandwich lovers out there. lets not fuel THAT argument any further. so a stromboli is a sandwich?? then a pizza may also be a type of is..i dunno... chicken pot pies, pumpkin pie etc.


My dearest ERM-- You are indeed correct. We did discuss these matters at length and it only makes sense that a stromboli not be included in any sandwich family. I thought I would open it up for discussion, but that would be ridiculous. Clearly sandwich and stromboli should not be allowed to play together on the playground. I can't actually say I've ever decided I'd eat a stromboli when I had a sandwich craving. A burrito though? That's another story. Walt Jocketty offers his sincerest apologies for his brief but rare lapse in judgment.


Ken said...

I beg your pardon. Your definition of sandwich may describe many sandwiches but it doesn't define them. Is a salad a sandwich?

A sandwich is two slices of bread between which is placed other edible stuff. Whether the bread is pre-baked is irrelevant.

Of course, offered from the view point of a bread maker, and sandwich lover.

Anonymous said...

I dissagre. The stromboli is clearly a sandwich. A sandwich is something that has a bunch of stuff* somehow surrounded by bread.

When you bake the bread has NOTHING to do with weather or not something is a sandwich. What about grinders ? The roll is toasted AFTER preperation.
Is that not a sandwich ?

You should reconsider your stance on the stromboli and accept its rightful place among the worlds finest sandwiches.

*stuff: meat, cheese, peanut butter, veggies, condiments, ect...

Walt Jocketty said...

Then is a Totino's pizza roll a "sandwich"? Identifying a stromboli as a sandwich leads one down a dark, dark road, as ERM so eloquently explained above. This point is up for debate, but I have to side with ERM until a more convincing argument has been made in support of the stromboli's re-classification.