Friday, October 27, 2006

Chicago Has Sandwiches

Due to recent boredom, the site has been updated with new links. I had a really good hot salami sandwich today. In Chicago, the quest for the best sandwich took me to Lucky's Sandwich Shop. French fries and cole slaw on all sandwiches. Some females complained of the untoasted bread, but I'm sure this could be arranged. Lucky's gets a nod, but the blue ribbon must be given to Bari Subs, located near Joe Stoltz and the crackhead who lives in the alley directly across the street from Joe's house. An informant told me of a sandwich called a jibarito, which uses plantains in place of bread. Sandwich or no sandwich? Discuss.


Anonymous said...

Isn't there a sandwich in japan that uses fried noodles instead of bread?

Walt Jocketty said...

I have no idea, but I was in Japan recently and I don't know what I was thinking by not going on a search for such a sandwich.